Why Study in Russia


Studying in Russia is easy, cheap, and flexible. It’s also about the only way most travelers can afford to engage in the cultural life of Russia’s capitals: St. Petersburg and Moscow. The student discount for the world-famous Kirov or Bolshoi ballets can be as much as a week’s tuition.


Pre-school is not required, but most of the children aged 1-6(7) attend kindergartens. It is very convenient for parents who work because kindergartens work 5 days a week from 7:00 a.m. till 7:00 p.m. Children can start attending kindergartens at any age between 1-6(7).

The daily schedule includes breakfast, lunch and dinner, classes for developing intellectual and creative skills, sleep break in the middle of the day and walks with sport and children’s games.


Compulsory education is required for all children aged 6(7) – 15.Schools of compulsory education are called secondary schools. Secondary school is divided into Elementary, Middle and High Schools.After finishing Middle school student can choose whether to go to High school or to go to continue education and to get a profession in a trade school. If a student wants to get higher education in University or Institute, graduating from the High school is required.


Additional education includes different schools and clubs where students can get some extra knowledge and develop different skills.Students attend them before or after their classes in the compulsory school.

Additional education is not required and students can choose what they are interested in.

The variety of schools of additional education is great.
In many cities you can find:

  • Art Schools,
  • Language Schools such as Terra Lingua School,
  • Music Schools,
  • Economic Schools,
  • Different Sport Clubs,
  • Chess clubs,
  • Dancing clubs,
  • Theater studios,
  • Fashion design clubs

The idea of additional education is of great importance because the children always kept busy and they do not have much time for doing bad things (for example, crime, drugs, etc.). The students learn to plan their time with maximum benefit and it is important for their future to live in the new democratic society.