The Stavropol State Medical Academy was founded in 1938. Now days after 6 decades, the academ belongs to top ten leading medical institutions in Russia Federation. It is big teaching, research and methodological center in Northern Caucuses. Its activity has been appreciated by high international award “Earthmaker”, which certifies belonging to a community of world leaders in different branches of industry, science, culture and health care.


The Stavropol State Medical Academy is recognised by the World Health Orgnization, Geneva Conventions(Switzerland) and the UNESCO.The WHO and the UNESCO have placed Russian medical higher institutions whithin the first five position in the world list of higher medical institutions. The Academy Degree is accepted by the Indian Medical Council. ld Science”.

The Academy belongs to the 5 leading higher medical istitutions of Russia and takes 2nd place among the higher educational institutions of South Federal District of the country.

International Students

In 1961, the Academy started admitting international students, and since that more than 700 physician, residents.


Students of the Academy are accommodated in 4 hostels for 1826 sits. The rooms in the hostels are provided with all necessary facilities like furniture, bedding, central heating and hot water in winters, gas or electricity supplied kitchens, bathrooms with showers, iron boxes and telephone lines. All the hostels are guarded at the entrance, guaranteeing complete security.


The students’ life is not limited to the Lecture-rooms, laboratories and libraries. there is a sport complex with a swimming pool, gyms and saunas. The Academy has its own sport camp on the Black Sea Coast of the North Caucuses refreshes students on vacations holidays. The students’ “KVN” team is well-known in the Stavropol Territory for a long time.


Stavropol was founded on October 22,1777 as one of fortresses of Azov-Mozdok military line, and in 1785 it had received the status of the city. In translation from Greek Stavropol means “a city of cross”. Accourding to a legend, at a building Vladimir fortress soldiers found a stone cross.

Today, Stavropol is the Administrative, economic and cultural center of Stavropol Territory. The Population of the city is 400000.

Climate in Stavropol Climate in Stavropol is very pleasant. Unlike other cities of Russia, Stavropol’s climate is moderate, with warm summer days, cool evenings and relatively mild winters. In summers temperature goes up to 35C in august and in winters it reaches around -6C.