Saint-Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University was founded in 1897 year as the first Female Medical Institute of Saint-Petersburg which has graduated a lot of talented doctors and scientists. The departments of the Institute have gradually become scientist centres and have launched the most progressive methods of particular disease treatment and diagnostic to medical practice at that time. Later the first Leningrad Medical Institute became the Saint-Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University.

Saint-Petersburg State Medical University is the leading state medical educational establish-ment and the biggest medical scientific centre of Russia. The academicians of Russian Academy of Medical Science are the proud of the University; they have established and headed scientific medical schools; they are developing scientific directions, founded by their teachers and predecessors. High quality of medical specialist training is provided by more than 1000 teachers and scientists forming the staff of the University. There are more than 600 doctors and PhD holders, 25 current members of Russian Academy of Medical Science and honoured academic figures among them. Research is made in 12 main directions with the aim to solve actual problems of public health and medical science, with the use of the most modern medical technologies. At present the University comprises of 6 Faculties, 65 Departments, 56 scientific laboratories, 4 research institutes, 10 scientific and research, scientific-methodological, and academic practical centres. The University is constantly elaborating new academic programs to develop and implement new methodical in accordance with the modern medical technologies and achievements. Significant attention is paid to up-to-date innovation methods of diagnostics and treatment of patients, acquirement of modern equipment and tools, knowledge of recent medical achievements. The systems of computer control are implemented in the process of education, technical methods of training are involved and issue-related video films are used in the University. The education is focused on the acquiring of professional skills during practical classes and externships. Clinical bases of the University are located in its clinics and in 43 more big hospitals and polyclinics of Saint-Petersburg. All University departments and computer centre are integrated in the Internet network. The University graduates get their practical training in big medical clinics of Saint-Petersburg with up-to-date equipment and complete access to patients. Saint-Petersburg State Medical University has been constantly developing international relations for integration into the global medical community; the University takes active part and hosts international conferences and seminars. 46 associates of foreign academies and scientific communities are University staff members. International students from different countries of the globe have studied here since 1946. For more than 60 years the University had trained about 5 000 medical specialists of about 120 countries of the world. International graduates who decided to enter the Saint-Petersburg State Medical University have achieved great success because the University trains the best medical practitioners and dentists in Russia and in the whole world.

Saint-Petersburg State Medical University has got comfortable conditions for its students study and stay. Fundamental University library is one of the largest in Saint-Petersburg and in Russia; it contains about 1 million books. At present new information technologies are implemented to search for medical information in bibliographic databases on laser disks. Diverse sports facilities are available for students – a swimming pool, 7 sports halls, out-of-town educational and training camp, and sport sections.

All international students are provided with accommodation in the University hostel in the centre of Saint-Petersburg near the University campus for the whole period of studies. Great scientific, pedagogical and methodical experience, unique medical base, wide connections with international medical organizations, medical, educational and scientific Russian and foreign establishments allow Saint-Petersburg State I.P. Pavlov Medical University to train specialists of the highest qualification whose level of education and skills correspond with the modern demands of Russian and world employment markets.