Russian State Medical University (formerly the 2nd Moscow State Medical Institute) is one of the oldest Russian medical schools,and one of the most prominent and respectful in the country and abroad. At present University is a very prestigious establishment, which provides the best medical education.

The University was founded in 1906. Since its foundation RSMU has been a leader in developing medical science and medical education. The University is a large medical scientific, research and educational center, noted for its extensive clinical and laboratory base and a brilliant teaching staff. This staff has unique pedagogical experience in training students and postgraduates from all over the world and is always happy to pass on their knowledge and experience.


Russian State Medical University has very close link with the practical medicine. The bases of University are 70 specialized clinics, hospitals and other preventive and medical institutions with more than 19000 beds,
where the future doctors get extensive probation under the supervision of the most experienced doctors and professors.
Today Russian State Medical University is a complex of buildings designed for practical classes, lectures, laboratory studies, library, research work and auxiliary services, covering a total area of 1,119 thousand square meters and including a students’ township “Medik”, located near the study buildings. It consists of four hotel-type buildings with a dining hall (total area – 42000 sq. m.). All of the out-of-town students have been accommodated in the hostels.

Students get medical assistance at a polyclinic staffed by doctors in all fields of medicine. Although studies is the most important aspect of students life, attention is also paid to sports and entertainment. The University has sport complex, where students can play host of sports like tennis, volleyball, etc.

The glorious past of the University, deep pedagogical and scientific traditions, accumulated during over 100 years of its development, importance and urgency of medical science and practice, wide range of qualified specialists, trained in the University, – all this assure a leading role of RSMU