PFUR is one of the leading medical university of Russia having Under Graduate and Post Graduate medical faculties. The student body of the faculty has a count of over 2000 students, studying in various fields. Lectures and seminars are conducted here by a number of highly-respected scientists and Academics in the field of Medicine. Students get to unveil the ‘secrets’ of the human body and it’s functions in our numerous laboratories, equipped with the latest diagnostic and scientific and research equipment. They are also taught the latest methods of disease diagnosis and cure. The faculty also includes a Student Science Society – a club, where students can get more in touch with the latest scientific developments in the field of research.


Students’ campus of the University is located in a park zone in the southwest of Moscow – one of most picturesque and ecologically cleans corners of the Russian capital.

There are 9 hostels, sports complex, international cultural center, polyclinic, sanatorium, shopping center, international telegraph, telephone and post offices, bank branch, bookshop, hairdressing saloons, numerous restaurants and cafe.Two Moscow Underground stations are located near by. It takes about 30 minutes to the students to reach the center of Moscow city.


On enrolment to the University all students undergo medical check-up and settled in the hostel. The cost of residing depends on a type and category of the hostel. All hostels have cafe, rooms for rest, telephones, kitchens, washrooms. The television center of the University allows receiving in hostels up to 10 programs of the Russian TV and 4 programs of satellite TV of foreign countries.


All necessary conditions for physical culture and sports are created at the PFUR campus. Sports complex includes sports structures for indoor and outdoor activities. The covered sports complex with halls for mini-football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis, fitness exercise, karate, acrobatics, and athletic gymnastics. There is a well-equipped skating ring and ski base. Stadium, grassy covered, with 4 racing synthetic paths and tribunes for 2000 men. Three fields for game in football. Field for game in baseball and softball with tribunes for 300 men. Eleven tennis courts (3 covered with synthetic covering, 6 – on the ground and 2 with asphalt covering). The open areas for game in basketball and volleyball.
The students of the University have an opportunity to be engaged in the following sections: football, volleyball, basketball, tennis, table tennis, swimming, karate, athletic gymnastics, acrobatics, fitness, softball, arm-wrestling, chess.
Training with the students is carried out by more than 30 teachers and instructors (among them – masters of sports of the international class, ex-champions of Russia, international sports judges). The sports teams of University take part in the championship of Moscow in many kinds of sports. The internal University’s championships are held annually in basketball, volleyball, light athletics, ski, football, table tennis, and chess. The teams of national students unions take part in various kinds of sports.