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Zhengzhou University, selected as one of the top 100 universities in China for the national “211 Project”, is a comprehensive university under the administration of both the Henan Provincial Government and the State Ministry of Education.

The University now occupies an area of 1,097 acres, among which the New Campus occupies 709 acres. The University now has 44 thousand full-time students, 470 foreign students, 12 thousand students of Adult Education and more than 4,100 students of Far Distance Education.

The 5,500 member standing faculty of the University is a group of extraordinary vitality and productivity renowned scholars who make major contributions to their fields, including 14 academicians, 392 professors, 1186 associate professors. The University consists of 42 schools/departments and 4 attached hospitals, offering 86 undergraduate study programs, 125 outstanding graduate programs, 18 Ph.D. Programs and 7 Post-doctoral research stations. The University owns “The State Base for Teaching and Research Personnel in Fundamental Sciences” and “The State Research Base for Cultural Quality Education of College Students”.

The University possesses 2 national key disciplines and 6 key disciplines granted by the national “211 Project” and 33 provincial key disciplines. It currently has over 147 research institutes and interdisciplinary research centers, including “The State Center for Engineering Research”, “The State Center for Popularizing Technology Research”, “The State Ministry of Education Key Laboratory”, “The State Research Base for the Clinical Practice of Medicines”,6 Henan Province Key Laboratories, 2 Provincial Engineering Research Centers 6 Higher Institutions Key Discipline Open Laboratories of Henan Province and 8 Higher Institutions Key Research Bases for the Study of Humanities and Social Sciences of Henan Province.

Zhengzhou University was awarded as one of the Top 400 Institutions in Planting Trees by the National Afforestation Committee. The total value of the University fixed assets is 750 million RMB.The University Library contains about 3.17 million volumes. The University has its own publishing house, and issues 13 academic journals. The University has 3 co-operated schools: the Shengda Economics Trade and Management College, the SIAS International University and the College of Physical Education .

Zhengzhou University takes an active part in international academic exchanges. The University’s links with over 40 universities and research institutions abroad, mainly from the United States, Great Britain,France, Japan, Russia, Canada and Australia, have opened up channels for joint personnel training and cooperative scientific research.